Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surprised gma at work!

Randy and Aiden surprised grandma after work today! She fed him a bottle and he fell right asleep!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The miracle of life - Aiden Joseph Lemle's story

Sunday, April 24th - Happy Easter!

We went to my Aunt & Uncle's for Easter dinner.
Cousin Dan

Around 9:00 pm, Lindsey started having contractions. She was up all night, and they started to become more intense. 

Monday, April 25th

Around 4am we decided to call our midwife to see what we should do.  She decided we should go get checked at St. Lukes. This ended up being early stages of labor. Lindsey was only 2-3 centimeters dilated. They tried to get Lindsey to sleep, and we were released around 12pm. We came home, and Lindsey continued with the contractions.  Eventually, they became more and more intense. We timed them and decided to call our midwife again around 9pm. She of course said to go to the hospital to get checked.  Once we arrived, we found out she was 4-5 centimeters dilated. This was it. After all the preparation, it's go time!

Party in the waiting room!
The nurse and Donna (midwife) started filling the birthing tub. Pam (Lindsey’s mom) and I took turns massaging Lindsey’s back. She ended up getting some pretty severe back labor pains.

Our temporary abode

Donna, Certified Nurse Midwife
-checking the birthing pool


Tuesday, April 26th

After Lindsey became 10cm dilated, it was time to push. Around 12:30 A.M. she dove into the birthing tub. She had not slept for 2 nights, so the task at hand proved to be a little more difficult than we imagined. After 2 hours pushing in the tub, Aiden just didn’t feel like doing the breast stroke.  The next hour she ended up pushing in the bed. After 50 minutes, Donna told Lindsey that if she didn’t get this baby out soon, she would have to call the doctor with the vacuum to get him out. This gave Lindsey the final ability to push with the little energy she had left. Out popped this perfect little boy. I immediately balled like a baby. My son was finally here. Pam and I looked at each other, noticing his vibrant red hair. The whole process was nothing less than a miracle. I’ve never been so proud of my wife. She had given birth to our beautiful baby boy at 3:48 A.M. He weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches long.

I will be taking just a few pics of this little guy!

Daddy/son bonding time

8lbs of solid steel and sex appeal

Brand new family...

Wednesday, April 27th

Today we had a lot of visitors, which was awesome. We couldn’t wait to show off the little stud. AJ pretty much slept and ate the whole day!

Uncle KC

Great Grandma Chantoff (Mom's mother)

Tony & Alison brought me baby coronas!

Emily & her daughter Daisy

Thursday, April 28th - Time to go home

We left the hospital around 1:00 pm. Aiden slept the whole ride home. Pam let Kailey loose on us as soon as we got out of our van. That dog missed the heck out of us. It was an unbelievable feeling bringing him into our home to start a new and exciting chapter in our lives.

AJ survived his first car ride

The happy family

Introducing Kailey to Aiden

Can't have one without the other!
A special thanks...

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all of our family & friends that have helped us throughout this 9 month journey. We couldn't have made it through this process without your love and support.  You mean the world to us. We are looking forward to sharing our new life with Aiden and all of you!

I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures. Don't worry, I have a few more on the way!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Weeks left till due date

Went for a shoot on the Docks, just east & across the river from downtown Toledo. Lindsey has spring break this week. Let the nesting continue...

Monday, March 21, 2011

No more travel!

Its official. No more traveling for us. RJ arrives in around a month. Its game time.

Drew and Chad Yates came for a visit: